Homemade Christmas Gifts

At Christmas, the tree is filled with gifts of all sizes and shapes. But the most precious ones, are the homemade, done by the hands of those who have dedicated time and care to create so special objects. Those are the truly unforgettable ones!
Here are some easy-to-make gift ideas where the little one’s help can’t be missed!

Candle house www.lachicadelacasadecaramelo.com

Ombre painted wooden spoon http://sayyes.com

Bread in a bottle www.sunset.com

Home-baked cookies in a Pringles can www.marciatack.fr

Dogs’ treats (because man’s best friend cannot be forgotten…)

Candy jar www.minted.com

Plaster candles holder

Homemade lavender soap http://apumpkinandaprincess.com

“The Jar of Nothing” a perfect gift for someone who’s always saying that wants nothing! Well, now you can give him exactly that!!! (Pinterest)

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