Beach Pebbles

Every year when summer arrives I start thinking about activities to occupy my children all along the holidays.
We love all sorts of handiwork, but I try to organize them accordingly to the seasons, so that they associate distinct times of the year with a diversity of materials and challenges. It’s so good to hear them asking, when autumn comes, which activities using leaves will we do, for example!
However, there are materials which are always present because they are so versatile and inspiring.
The best place to have them (and also the most economical!) still is going outside and getting them from nature!
With the arrival of summer and as we go to the beach pebbles get a new visibility. But the truth is that we save hundreds of them, which we use throughout the year.
Getting them, looking at the amazing forms they have (which often seem to have been shapped exactly for that purpose) and giving them a functionality, or just an esthetic performance… All this is an activity just by itself. But there are so many other ideas you can use to work with!

Here are some:

A whole town made of stones? You have hours and hours of play guaranteed!

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Pebbles can tell stories …

… we can build puzzles with them…

… or create traditional games.

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Adding plasticine or fimo to a stone may help you creating an authentic work of art!

They are the perfect decoration pieces!

The cactus are trendy! And these do not sting!
This idea was suggested by Looping Home, in her blog:
It can also be the perfect gift to offer to someone❤

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With a black pen you can do magic …

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Okay, I can not resist! Here are so maaaaaaany images that I found in Pinterest to occupy you all summer long! :-)

found in Pinterest

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