Halloween DIY Projects

This year, I decided to go after easy to do ideas for Halloween.
Time is always short and although I keep complaining, the truth is that I tend to complicate.
At home,  we still are very enthusiastic about these festive days . So, ignoring them is not an option.
However,  adding Halloween costumes and decorations to our daily chores, besides the daily tasks, it’s not exactly what I’m dreaming for, it’s not exactly what I’m dreaming for.
I’ll share some of the ideas I found. They  are the proof that we can do amazing things with a few simple solutions. These minimalist and monochromatic decorations work just as well!
I know… they are creatures with a friendly and  unscary face, but aren’t they irresistible? 😉 


On this Instagram page, there are dozens of ideas for creating super cute Halloween decorations: https://www.instagram.com/kreativakarin/. Check also the website, full of projects that invite us to try them: https://kreativakarin.com/

Found on the Pinterest




Found on the Pinterest

Study space (How to organize it)

Once again here we are in that time of the year …
Yearning for some, hated by others.
Here at home, it’s a mix. The holidays are feeling so sweet and easy going, with the lack of rigid schedules and every day new activities coming around.
On the other hand, schedules begin to be lack and the kids are also missing their colleagues, teachers and a more organized and predictable day to day.
Besides, our favourite time of the year is coming: autumn and Christmas!😊
Whether we like it or not, school is really going to start.
One of the things that can help with motivation is the purchase of new materials. Ready-to-fill notebooks, pens, erasers, pencils, sharpeners, papers, covers, … Everything asking to be premiered.
Let’s not talk about it too loud, so that the children won’t be frightened, but with the school work and study are also coming back.
So that everything may run as smoothly as possible, preferably with a high level of interest and curiosity, study spaces must be carefully thought out.
I’ve been researching some ideas and will share the best with you.
Good luck for this year!⭐
The desk should be adapted to the size of the child.



A bookshelf is a great idea to ensure that desk is always clear and tidy…




Wall shelves are great too!



If you have space, a blackboard can be a different and fun way to explore the study subjects.




Books should be accessible. Both study ones and the others.


From Pinterest

To create reading habits, nothing like a cosy corner!




As the study spaces are usually shared with those of play it’s important to have the toys straighten in order not to create distractions.



Finally, to stimulate creativity and motivation, nothing like exposing the best works in an authentic gallery! 



What I’ve been doing (February and March)

A long time ago, in a galaxy far away… (rag dolls)

A cab to Gaspard’s NYC inspired room.

city wooden wall art

Maria’s bookshelf

A few cushions for Afonso

Playing with watercolours…

“Feet, what do I need you for when I have wings to fly?” (FRida Kahlo)

Oh, give us pleasure in the flowers to-day 🌺
(A Prayer In Spring, Robert Frost)

Valentine’s Day

Chocolate eggs

At our home we love to celebrate! Whether it’s someone’s birthday, the start of a season, or simply because we feel like it.

It also ends up being a nice pretext for arts and crafts activities (another thing we love)!

With Easter approaching we don’t need bringing up new ideas, because the themes associated to it are all by themselves inspiring.

This year we decided to make real eggs … of chocolate.

Let’s give Easter Bunny a rest and offer these delights, so simple to create together with children of all ages.

Let’s do it?


What we need:

eggs (bark only)

egg boxes

chocolate (milk, black, with nuts …)

syringe or pastry bag

marker pens (we used Posca)

fabrics, cardboards, EVA, pompons, … everything you need to decorate the eggs



How to do:

As we used eggs to cook, we carefully emptied them.

We thoroughly washed their inside and boiled them in hot water, so that there remained no trace of the yolk nor of the white.

We melted the chocolate in the microwave (1 to 2 minutes at a low temperature).

With the bag (or the syringe) we carefully applied the chocolate inside the eggs through the opening we had made to empty them.

We put them in the refrigerator for 15 minutes, so that the chocolate may solidify.

We adorned them with the pen (better be in the parts that will not be in touch with the chocolate, since the bark tends to be very absorbent) and with the other accessories.

Easter hunt is ready!

October and November …

October and November have been very busy months. Maybe because Christmas is already around the corner!
Most orders are from my catalog. But a few of them are customized items. Here they are:

These indian knobs have already traveled to their “tent”!

A swing for two siblings (wall panel)

Dr. Matilde (it can take the medical gown off)

Catarina’s bedroom

In the city (ceiling lamp)

A cushion for Vicente

Lego’s cushions!

A place for each cloth!

Sea diving (canvas)

Knobs for a sailor

Laundry door sign

White rooms with some colour notes

I’m a big fan of white rooms!
I know, I know! Checking my website, it doesn’t seem like it!:-) But, if you look in detail, you will see that almost the colour is in the accessories.
A white room is brighter and white is also the perfect base for any decorating style. It is the best solution to follow the child’s growth. If you have white furniture (or with a touch of colour), you may just change the accessories (lamps, knobs, cushions, carpet …) accordingly to the tastes and ages of your children. Performing these small changes is much simpler and cheaper!
So, I am a big fan of white rooms with some colour notes!:-)

Here are some rooms I made, where I play with colourful accessories on a white base:




I could present you a thousand and one beautiful images of white rooms with a touch of colours. So, here is only a small selection I made:

Happy Grey Lucky http://happygreylucky.com/a-modern-pastel-shared-baby-and-toddler-room/

Kronfoto https://www.instagram.com/p/BJmtppHDcUB/

Oh eight oh nine https://www.instagram.com/p/BL29nQhA1yi/

Tubucollective https://www.instagram.com/p/BLwc2r0gCEf/

Do/ From Pinterest

Insideout http://www.insideout.com.au/home-style/modern-collector/home-tour-scandi-minimalist-style-in-a-white-and-bright-home/image-gallery/2fa351f2dea40212e606cf105f5bcf43?ref=/renovations/house/1950s-sydney-home-renovation

Enchanted Pumpkin

Over the years I kept asking myself what kind of small guys would live in forgotten tree trunks or in large abandoned vegetables.
And then, this year I got the answer, right in my own garden!
And as we are on Halloween, it came in a pumpkin shape. 😉

Paper mache paste pumpkin, painted with acrylic.
Decoration made with fabric leftovers, cork, cardboard, packaging covers, matchbox, straws, seeds and leaves.
Dolls Sylvanian Families

Since June… what have I been doing at the workshop

In June, it was sales time.
Then came the so welcomed and desired Summer vacation (and how I miss it …).
Only now that my kids are back to school and I got my workshop organized, I can catch up with the last orders.
Who says that summertime isn’t busy?😉

Cowboys and indians – Pedro’s bedroom

Wooden wall art for a special touch to that nook

Let’s make dinner?

Cushions with which you can play

Summer time!

Mermaid rag doll

Entering Little Prince’s world

Wc wooden sign

Once upon a time two little indians…

Anna from Arendelle

Nature Fall Mobiles

Some people think Autumn is a sad season, which makes all those long beach afternoons feel like a distant memory. Days get shorter, cold peeks, the busy school and working life restart.
I love Autumn!
I don’t know whether it’s because I was born this season, but it’s my favourite one. I love the golden and red landscape tones. I love a still mild temperature that allow us to go for a walk of nature’s treasure discovering.
For several years I have had a ritual with my kids: to celebrate in the Fall we go for a walk and collect those treasures. Then, we challenge ourselves to find new ways to use them.
This year, we are delighted with all kinds and shapes of mobiles. However, to keep the tradition, we only may use decorations given by Fall.
It’s funny that the mobiles itselves remind me of Fall and of Autumn leaves. I couldn’t imagine a better object to celebrate it.
This is a small part of the research we have done to inspire ourselves.
Hope you like it and get busy!
(By the way, perform your work while listening to this amazing song: Autumn leaves)

Learn how to make a decorative golden leaf mobile.


Here you can find a great diy full of different ideas which show you how to make a hoop baby mobile.


A sea glass project mobile diy for collectors and beachcombers. Isn’t it neat?


This nature mobile Fall craft for kids is so cute and just incredibly easy to make!


With only a few materials, and super easy steps, you can create your very own dream catcher mobile!


This beautiful mobile is a limited edition by Miles Of Flight. Is madewith natural driftwood, hemp cord, handmade tassel and white and golden accents.


Graphic Diary

(published in Coisas de Pais)

Did you knew that long before cameras and social networking, great adventurers (or just “ordinary” people) used to write in their diaries their day by day, which were often illustrated?

Just google to find out some examples. Beatrix Potter‘s is irresistible.

Moving on today, I love the work of Jennie Maizels (www.facebook.com/JennieMaizels/), an illustrator with one of the best graphic diaries I know! It’s worth to take a look! She is an exceptional person and a darling! We’re friends on instagram.

It is always time to start a graphic diary. But holidays are the perfect excuse.

Each member of the family should take a sketchbook with him, as well as scissors, adhesive tape, glue, pencils, pens, watercolours, everything which allows us to draw and paint.

So, dedicate every day some of your time to your diary. Draw that memorable moment which caused you a sensation you want to retain, or a breathtaking landscape you have visited, a cute dog that you have crossed, or even an image from your imagination.

Don’t forget to write the date and place where it was made!

You can also paste small keepsakes, such as a train or museum ticket, a dry flower, a ribbon … With washi tape, these collages are even more fun.

Let’s do it?

Enjoy your holidays