Wall panels

(approximate measures: measures are chosen by you!)

All my products are personalized, done with care and dedication especially for your child. So, all your ideas are welcomed!

A wall can be the soul of a room. The way it’s painted and decorated influences the whole room’s environment.
Wall panels can make an unique scenery that, just for itself, fills the room in such a way that it becomes original, fun, cosy, magical…
Furthermore, it can be removed, transported and stored like a simple frame or other kind of object.
Basically, they are easy to carry when you move into a new house, into another room, or simply lend it to someone.
They also may be combined with different picture frames and canvas.

Really look great when coordinated with other decorations on the same theme: quilt, cushions, knobs, lamps…

Here are some examples of wall panels I created:

  • Wall Panels World:
amigos - 1

wall panel friends- 1

amigos - 2

wall panel friends – 2

amigos de comboio

wall panel friends on the train






amigos na selva

wall panel jungle friends

mundo - 1

wall panel world – 1

mundo - 2

wall panel world – 2





mundo - 3

wall panel world – 3

mundo - 4

wall panel world – 4

mundo - 5

wall panel world- 5










  • Wall Panels Garden:
meninas no jardim

wall panel little girls at the garden

menina no baloiço

wall panel little girl on garden swing- 1

menina no baloiço_4

wall panel little girl on garden swing – 1

menina no baloiço - 1

wall panel little girl on garden swing – 1

menina no baloiço - 2

wall panel little girl on garden swing – 2

vasos e borboletas

wall panel vases and butterflies










wall panel flower vases


wall panel vases, butterflies and ladybugs


wall panel tree












  • Wall Panels Houses:

wall panel houses


wall panel little houses

casinhas com árvores

wall panel houses/trees









  • Wall Panels Fairy Tales:

wall panel castle – 1


wall panel castle – 2

conto de fadas

wall panel fairy tale









  • Wall Panels Transports:

wall panel buildings


wall panel bus


wall panel city







cidade à noite

painel parede city at night

comboio e mar

painel parede train and sea

serra e mar

wall panel mountains and sea








wall panel train

campo e cidade

wall panel countryside and city

espaço - 1

wall panel space – 1







espaço - 2

wall panel space – 2








  • Wall Panels Lambs:

wall panel lambs









  • Wall Panels Farm:

wall panel farm









  • Wall Panels Mountains:
monte selva

wall panel jungle mountain

monte com carros

wall panel mountain with cars

monte com casinhas - 1

wall panel mountain with houses – 1

monte com casinhas - 2

wall panel mountain with houses – 2














  • Wall Panels Sea:
farol e onda

wall panel lighthouse and wave

farol, barco e onda

wall panel lighthouse, boat and wave

terra e mar (painel de canto)

wall panel land and sea (corner panel)

mar alto

wall panel open sea

mar piratas

wall panel pirate’s sea

fundo do mar

wall panel under the sea













  • Wall Panels Jungle:
macaco e girafa

wall panel monkey and giraffe








Item description:

Wall panels are made of extremely thin chipboard, hand painted with anti-allergic, water-based inks, and finished in water-based varnish, therefore they also become easy to clean: you just have to use a damp cloth.

Final effect looks like as if it was directly painted on the wall.

Depending on the size, application is made with double-sided adhesive tape (for smaller ones) or iron nails (for bigger ones). These iron nails are retouched in the same colour of the panel, so they won’t be noticed.
When removed, they only leave on the wall tiny holes where the iron nails were applied (just like a frame or a shelf would do).

May have different shapes and motifs, but they can have other themes, measures or colours.

If you idealized a theme, or want to see your story or curtain pattern represented on the wall panel, just let me know!

As all wall panels are handmade, minor differences may occur. Measures are approximated and the colours may vary due to monitor colour settings.

You should count on a delivery time frame of about 15 days. But if you have urgency for any special reason, please contact me and I’ll do my best.