Playing is the watchword! And there is no age limit … They may be with wooden toys, remembering old toys, carrying you to other times adventures.

Or discover toys that teach us the world’s secrets.

Or with toys where we can show our talents.

baloiço moto

moto swing

baloiço mr. ed

mr. ed swing

baloiço mr. ed

mr. ed swing

mr. ed (azul)

mr. ed (blue)

mr. ed (laranja)

mr. ed (orange)













Item description:

Our toys are hand painted wood with antiallergic, water-based inks.
We have different shapes and motifs, but they can be made ​​on other colours.
We have the following toys:

– motorbike (swing)

– duck (swing)

– horse (swing)

– horse clipped (swing)

– rocking horse with wheels

If you idealized a different colour on your toy, just tell us!