What I’ve been doing (February and March)

A long time ago, in a galaxy far away… (rag dolls)

A cab to Gaspard’s NYC inspired room.

city wooden wall art

Maria’s bookshelf

A few cushions for Afonso

Playing with watercolours…

“Feet, what do I need you for when I have wings to fly?” (FRida Kahlo)

Oh, […]

October and November …

October and November have been very busy months. Maybe because Christmas is already around the corner! Most orders are from my catalog. But a few of them are customized items. Here they are:

These indian knobs have already traveled to their “tent”!

A swing for two siblings (wall panel)

Dr. […]

White rooms with some colour notes

I’m a big fan of white rooms! I know, I know! Checking my website, it doesn’t seem like it!:-) But, if you look in detail, you will see that almost the colour is in the accessories. A white room is brighter and white is also the perfect base for any decorating style. It is the […]

Since June… what have I been doing at the workshop

In June, it was sales time. Then came the so welcomed and desired Summer vacation (and how I miss it …). Only now that my kids are back to school and I got my workshop organized, I can catch up with the last orders. Who says that summertime isn’t busy?😉

Cowboys and […]

Nature Fall Mobiles

Some people think Autumn is a sad season, which makes all those long beach afternoons feel like a distant memory. Days get shorter, cold peeks, the busy school and working life restart. I love Autumn! I don’t know whether it’s because I was born this season, but it’s my favourite one. I love […]

Old times school desks

Back to school… When this time of year arrives, we know that homework and study time are coming. A scary scenery for both children and parents! …

Nevertheless, a beautiful and cozy corner where the child feels inspired and comfortable makes these moments appear less dramatic.

Recently, I felt […]

My workspace/Work’s Backstage

Cris Loureiro invited me to be part of her post Work’s Backstage, telling something about me and my projects and showing photographs of my workspace. It was a big challenge, because I find it hard to talk about myself. Even more if I have to shorten it to a few lines. But I […]

What I’ve been doing… (April and May)

At my workshop April and May were very busy. I love customizing items! They were great months, with unusual projects, custom orders and many challenges. Here are some pics❀:

Diogo and Sofia twins sharing room

Vintage Cars curtain finials

Aslin wants a butterfly fluttering over her reading nook

Arlo, the good […]

Greenery, the colour of the year in little ones’ life!

Greenery is bringing nature inside home. Green colour breaking into every corner and the feeling of balance with the Planet. It’s the connection to Earth reflected in all the details of a houses’ decoration.

Greenery, the tone of the year, is present in the decoration, fashion, diy’s,… in the day to […]

And this was March…

These were some of the pieces which occupied my days at the workshop and that I shared throughout the month of March. Here they are❀:

Madalena’s cushion

A blue bookshelf

Gabriel’s world

TomĂĄs’ room

Owl cushion