Enchanted Pumpkin

Over the years I kept asking myself what kind of small guys would live in forgotten tree trunks or in large abandoned vegetables. And then, this year I got the answer, right in my own garden! And as we are on Halloween, it came in a pumpkin shape. ūüėČ

Beach Pebbles

Every year when summer arrives I start thinking about activities to occupy my children all along the holidays. We love all sorts of handiwork, but I try to organize them accordingly to the seasons, so that they associate distinct times of the year with a diversity of materials and challenges. It’s so good […]

Mother’s Day

Yesterday, I found out my children whispering and conspiring while looking into Pinterest. They are so grown up … They are preparing all by themselves my Mother’s Day surprise. I can’t wait! Although it’s a day on which I’m not meant to help, I never resist looking for original ideas on the net. […]

Easter eggs

There are many traditions linked to Easter eggs, celebrating spring, fertility and rebirth. Although they were almost replaced by chocolate eggs wrapped in colouful foil, or plastic eggs filled with candy and gifts, handmade painted and decorated eggs are back. They are cutest and more original than ever! Here are some proposals. Let’s […]

Father’s Day

We’ve been preparing a surprise for dad here at home. During our searches on the web, we found so many cool ideas that I can’t resist sharing some.

Have a great time!


Fill a jar with Lego pieces and write on them some activities to […]

A small-scale Carnival

Small is beautiful! There’s nothing more adorable than a baby disguised for Carnival. Four years ago, Wendi Riggens’ photos (wendiriggens.com) became viral when she shared little Maddie dressed as if she was in classic fairytales.

But there are plenty of other ideas to disguise your little […]

Homemade Christmas Gifts

At Christmas, the tree is filled with gifts of all sizes and shapes. But the most precious ones, are the homemade, done by the hands of those who have dedicated time and care to create so special objects. Those are the truly unforgettable ones! Here are some easy-to-make gift ideas where the little one’s […]

Halloween again

Unexpected and Amazing Ways to Decorate Pumpkins!!

Ombre Pumpkin


Decoupage Pumpkin


Clock Pumpkin (It really works!)


Dry Ice Pumpkin


Crayon-Dripped Pumpkins


Lace Patterned Pumpkin


Volkswagen Microbus Pumpkin


‚ÄúLiberace‚ÄĚ Pumpkins


Pumpkin Diaramas


Pumpkin Teeth


Colour-Block Pumpkins


Autumn is here!

To celebrate this season, I picked a few lovely diy’s which you can easily make with autumn leaves. Check it out:

You can use beautiful fall leaves as canvases.

How to create this lovely bowl with fake leaves: see here

DIY instructions for an autumnal decorative garland: see here

DIY […]

Homemade postcards

These holidays, we sent postcards made by us.

Reeves has these postcards, made in a thick paper, just perfect for acrylic or watercolour paint. They are sold in a notebook: www.reeves-art.com.

A stunning idea that can be used in different occasions throughout the year, such as Christmas, birthdays and other festive dates!