Graphic Diary

(published in Coisas de Pais)

Did you knew that long before cameras and social networking, great adventurers (or just “ordinary” people) used to write in their diaries their day by day, which were often illustrated?

Just google to find out some examples. Beatrix Potter‘s is irresistible.

Moving […]

Old times school desks

Back to school… When this time of year arrives, we know that homework and study time are coming. A scary scenery for both children and parents! …

Nevertheless, a beautiful and cozy corner where the child feels inspired and comfortable makes these moments appear less dramatic.

Recently, I felt […]

Beach Pebbles

Every year when summer arrives I start thinking about activities to occupy my children all along the holidays. We love all sorts of handiwork, but I try to organize them accordingly to the seasons, so that they associate distinct times of the year with a diversity of materials and challenges. It’s so good […]

Study areas

With school arriving, here are some study areas that recycle materials, reutilize furniture and create new spaces full of inspiration.

I love the reuse of these paint cans hanging on the wall (Pinterest image)

Fruit boxes can turn into shelves

Old school chairs get a new home

And […]

There’s going to be a baby

When I was pregnant for the second time, I was always looking for books that would explain to my 5 years old daughter what was going on and how our life would be when her brother arrives.

It was then that I discovered this treasure.

I’m a big fan of Helen Oxenbury’s […]

Back to school!

Nobody wants to talk about it, but school days are coming… Here you can find a few ideas to prepare the first school day:

What a great idea to keep as an each year back to school keepsake: make your kid to fill out fun interview questionnaires.

I heard about 12 school organization […]

Summer Activities for Kids

Now that summer vacations begin, a list of ideas of how to occupy your kids at home ! All very practical and fun!

If it depends on me, this summer will result in countless artworks! This one is rather professional !!


Skilled […]