Halloween DIY Projects

This year, I decided to go after easy to do ideas for Halloween. Time is always short and although I keep complaining, the truth is that I tend to complicate. At home,  we still are very enthusiastic about these festive days . So, ignoring them is not an option. However,  adding Halloween costumes and decorations to our daily chores, besides the […]

Study space (How to organize it)

Once again here we are in that time of the year … Yearning for some, hated by others. Here at home, it’s a mix. The holidays are feeling so sweet and easy going, with the lack of rigid schedules and every day new activities coming around. On the other hand, schedules begin to be lack and the kids are also missing their colleagues, teachers and a more organized and predictable day […]

Chocolate eggs

At our home we love to celebrate! Whether it’s someone’s birthday, the start of a season, or simply because we feel like it.

It also ends up being a nice pretext for arts and crafts activities (another thing we love)!

With Easter approaching we don’t need bringing up […]