Children’s clothing inspirations

(post written for Blog Amniótico, a partnership of Boho inspirations)

I’ve been asked me several times why I don’t create a line of clothing for children.

The truth is, I don’t know the answer!

A few years ago, I did an experiment, fabricated models in a limited number, and the truth is that it actually sold well.

But then I stopped it. Other priorities came up, and time does not allows us to do everything and life has these kind of eternal delays.

I would love one day return to this project. Who knows …

One thing I am sure: it would be a line with a relaxed style, modern hippie, comfortable, full of inspiring patterns. A boho style.

Here are some pictures I took from Pinterest, and I wish I had idealized them myself!

Fresh flowing dresses and straw hats:

With unexpected notes:

Friends using patchwork and headscarves:

Tunics (love it!) With embroidery, those which remind me of my own childhood:

Shorts and skirts in improbable patterns:

A relaxed style:

Barefoot, preferably in the sand:

And finally, I confess that it is very kitch, but I could not resist! Notice these plump feet, adorned with pretend jewels:

And these bells (maybe knitting a bit?), which fill the house with jingles every time the little fairies run and dance!:

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