Chocolate eggs

At our home we love to celebrate! Whether it’s someone’s birthday, the start of a season, or simply because we feel like it.

It also ends up being a nice pretext for arts and crafts activities (another thing we love)!

With Easter approaching we don’t need bringing up new ideas, because the themes associated to it are all by themselves inspiring.

This year we decided to make real eggs … of chocolate.

Let’s give Easter Bunny a rest and offer these delights, so simple to create together with children of all ages.

Let’s do it?


What we need:

eggs (bark only)

egg boxes

chocolate (milk, black, with nuts …)

syringe or pastry bag

marker pens (we used Posca)

fabrics, cardboards, EVA, pompons, … everything you need to decorate the eggs



How to do:

As we used eggs to cook, we carefully emptied them.

We thoroughly washed their inside and boiled them in hot water, so that there remained no trace of the yolk nor of the white.

We melted the chocolate in the microwave (1 to 2 minutes at a low temperature).

With the bag (or the syringe) we carefully applied the chocolate inside the eggs through the opening we had made to empty them.

We put them in the refrigerator for 15 minutes, so that the chocolate may solidify.

We adorned them with the pen (better be in the parts that will not be in touch with the chocolate, since the bark tends to be very absorbent) and with the other accessories.

Easter hunt is ready!

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