Nature Fall Mobiles

Some people think Autumn is a sad season, which makes all those long beach afternoons feel like a distant memory. Days get shorter, cold peeks, the busy school and working life restart.
I love Autumn!
I don’t know whether it’s because I was born this season, but it’s my favourite one. I love the golden and red landscape tones. I love a still mild temperature that allow us to go for a walk of nature’s treasure discovering.
For several years I have had a ritual with my kids: to celebrate in the Fall we go for a walk and collect those treasures. Then, we challenge ourselves to find new ways to use them.
This year, we are delighted with all kinds and shapes of mobiles. However, to keep the tradition, we only may use decorations given by Fall.
It’s funny that the mobiles itselves remind me of Fall and of Autumn leaves. I couldn’t imagine a better object to celebrate it.
This is a small part of the research we have done to inspire ourselves.
Hope you like it and get busy!
(By the way, perform your work while listening to this amazing song: Autumn leaves)

Learn how to make a decorative golden leaf mobile.

Here you can find a great diy full of different ideas which show you how to make a hoop baby mobile.

A sea glass project mobile diy for collectors and beachcombers. Isn’t it neat?

This nature mobile Fall craft for kids is so cute and just incredibly easy to make!

With only a few materials, and super easy steps, you can create your very own dream catcher mobile!

This beautiful mobile is a limited edition by Miles Of Flight. Is madewith natural driftwood, hemp cord, handmade tassel and white and golden accents.

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