Study space (How to organize it)

Once again here we are in that time of the year …
Yearning for some, hated by others.
Here at home, it’s a mix. The holidays are feeling so sweet and easy going, with the lack of rigid schedules and every day new activities coming around.
On the other hand, schedules begin to be lack and the kids are also missing their colleagues, teachers and a more organized and predictable day to day.
Besides, our favourite time of the year is coming: autumn and Christmas!😊
Whether we like it or not, school is really going to start.
One of the things that can help with motivation is the purchase of new materials. Ready-to-fill notebooks, pens, erasers, pencils, sharpeners, papers, covers, … Everything asking to be premiered.
Let’s not talk about it too loud, so that the children won’t be frightened, but with the school work and study are also coming back.
So that everything may run as smoothly as possible, preferably with a high level of interest and curiosity, study spaces must be carefully thought out.
I’ve been researching some ideas and will share the best with you.
Good luck for this year!⭐
The desk should be adapted to the size of the child.

A bookshelf is a great idea to ensure that desk is always clear and tidy…


Wall shelves are great too!


If you have space, a blackboard can be a different and fun way to explore the study subjects.

Books should be accessible. Both study ones and the others.

From Pinterest

To create reading habits, nothing like a cosy corner!

As the study spaces are usually shared with those of play it’s important to have the toys straighten in order not to create distractions.


Finally, to stimulate creativity and motivation, nothing like exposing the best works in an authentic gallery!

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