Summer – Ideas for the little artists

13 super easy DIY projects!!!

Here are some great ideas to keep your kids entertained in the summer.

Super easy diy’s they can do alone or with a little help.

I hope you enjoy and that your kids have fun!!

Pebble creatures

The pebbles from the beach, with their incredible patterns and colours, arouse our imagination.
Challenge your kids to create figures with them, creating structures or just drawing on the sand.
At home, they can keep drawing in the pictures they took before.

Sand foam

You can do this smooth and slimy sand foam with your kids!
It’s a way to bring the beach back into your place!
Super easy and fun, with just two ingredientes:
* sand (approximately 3 cups)
* shaving foam (approximately 1 can 250g)
You can do it in or outside using a bowl or a tub.
Children will love it!

Creative ceramic tiles

Even if you don’t need tiles to decorate your home, this is a great experience to make your kids feel like authentic abstract artists!
You’re going to need a few white ceramic tiles.
Ask the little ones to paint them with coloured markers.
Then pour some drops of alcohol on the traces.
The effect you shall have will be a stunning surprise!
To finish, varnish to preserve this piece of art!

(idea from here)

Scratch to draw!

This is an easy and great technique to all ages.
How to do: cover the entire paper with different pastel drawings colours (you can also use crayons, but doesn’t work so well). Then, paint over the pastel drawings with black gouache (or other ink).
Finally, “scratch” the black ink, making pictures and shapes. Use toothpicks or Q-tips. It’s easier if you do it while the paint is still wet.
The effect is stunning!

(technique and photo from here)

Sand painting

This is a perfect activity for summer!
Just draw a picture with a pencil on a sheet of paper. Then cover the lines with craft glue diluted with water (use a small brush). Before the glue dries, cover it with sand.
When you shake off the surplus, only rests the sand draw.
Next time you go to the beach, don’t forget to bring some sand with you!

Best friend necklace

I had already published here on the blog a homemade clay recipe.
This time, we decided to use it to make “best friend’s” necklaces. The point is to model a necklace which consists of two parts, which fit into each other: one for who does it, the other for the best friend.
After baking the clay, we tie a string on each piece and we have these beautiful necklaces.
It’s also a good idea to offer to mothers on Mother’s Day, at her birthday or at Christmas.

Painting with ice

A while ago, someone told me about a technique which made me really curious: painting with ice.
We decided to try it in one of these hot afternoons.
It’s a great activity for the little ones to explore colours and to the grown ups to become aware of new materials.
The results are similar to painting with very diluted watercolour, but with the aditional “frozen fun!”
Mix water with food dyes or gouache (if using ice cuvettes just for this purpose). Lay the liquid into ice cuvettes (I only had with fish format, which delighted the kids) and put it into the freezer. When it is a bit frozen, stick a toothpick in each colour.
Once it is completely frozen, each child can have its colourful goldfish and paint with it, holding it by the stick.
We used waxed paper, which is more absorbente.

The funniest book in the world!

If there’s one thing that makes kids happy is a blank paper sheet of paper.
Here’s a cool idea: fold the paper sheet in half and cut each half into three parts. Do the same to the other paper sheets (the more the better!).
At the top, glue someone’s photo, family, friend or an animal.
Draw the trunk and arms in the middle and the legs on the bottom.
Attention: photos and the body parts have to be different and original,  from paper sheet to paper sheet! It’s even better if each kid draws a different part.
Assemble the paper sheets so that they are similar to the image that I put here on the blog. Make a spine (with staples or sticky tape) to hold them together.
When you flip this book and start combining the different photos with the strangest parts of the body, you’ll see how much you´ll laugh just looking at it.

Painted bow tie pasta

It´s so easy! A diy kids will love and that will keep them entertained for hours! Assured!

You know that pasta with bow tie shape? Give one small pile to each kid and let them paint freely with gouaches (or acrylic paints) and glitters.

When the bow tie pasta are dry, can be glued to hair clips, brooches, frames, postcards … well, whatever you want to. To use themselves and offer!

Pirates attack!

A paper boat is one of the easiest origami I know!
We decided to use it in a different play: with black cardboard, sticks and flags designed by us, we built authentic pirate boats.
We then put them to sail into true ocean waters and bet which resisted longer!
For the forgotten, here is a brazilian site that shows how to make a boat, step by step.
Better: a diy vídeo here.

Tiny gallery

From a project I’ve been doing, there were some left over k line strips, which I was prepared to throw away.
When my daughter saw them she had this idea: we could cut them in squares and rectangles and create an authentic gallery of tiny pieces of art.
We tried to paint them with different materials, but its laminated surface doesn’t “grab”.
So, we chose coloured and charcoal pencils and an acetate pen.

In the end, there was a real exhibition. And the “sold” pictures went to decorate the walls of the doll’s houses!

Dot painting – australian indigenous art

Challenge your kids to create dot paintings! The result may be amazing.
Use q-tips instead of brushes and lots and lots of diferent colours!
It’s also a great opportunity to teach your children about other cultures: dot painting is an ancient way of australian aborigines tell the “dreaming stories linked to land, history and culture”.
Get to know a little more through this blog (includes a video).

How to make a 3D book:

All children love 3D! Imagine how much fun they’ll have making their own 3D book! A super easy and great way to encourage creative writing on children.
You can see the diy here.

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