White rooms with some colour notes

I’m a big fan of white rooms!
I know, I know! Checking my website, it doesn’t seem like it!:-) But, if you look in detail, you will see that almost the colour is in the accessories.
A white room is brighter and white is also the perfect base for any decorating style. It is the best solution to follow the child’s growth. If you have white furniture (or with a touch of colour), you may just change the accessories (lamps, knobs, cushions, carpet …) accordingly to the tastes and ages of your children. Performing these small changes is much simpler and cheaper!
So, I am a big fan of white rooms with some colour notes!:-)

Here are some rooms I made, where I play with colourful accessories on a white base:




I could present you a thousand and one beautiful images of white rooms with a touch of colours. So, here is only a small selection I made:

Happy Grey Lucky http://happygreylucky.com/a-modern-pastel-shared-baby-and-toddler-room/

Kronfoto https://www.instagram.com/p/BJmtppHDcUB/

Oh eight oh nine https://www.instagram.com/p/BL29nQhA1yi/

Tubucollective https://www.instagram.com/p/BLwc2r0gCEf/

Do/ From Pinterest

Insideout http://www.insideout.com.au/home-style/modern-collector/home-tour-scandi-minimalist-style-in-a-white-and-bright-home/image-gallery/2fa351f2dea40212e606cf105f5bcf43?ref=/renovations/house/1950s-sydney-home-renovation

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