Hi, my name is Cristiana.

Since I remember, I’ve always loved to transpose imagined stories to the paper, as in children’s books I have illustrated.

Allowing the imagination taking shape in the real world is what gives me the most pleasure..

In college, I pursued Communication Sciences, later I’ve worked in film production but finally found my place in the decoration universe which is what I do since 2000.

I am fortunate enough to work in something I’m passioned about, where ideas can transform into practical articles of daily usage, and empty spaces became dream nests.

Nenufar is the result of years of experiencing materials and supports, embracing projects where respect for others and for nature has a pivotal role.

All my items are handcrafted, handmade, piece by piece, detail by detail. Imagined with care as unique pieces they are.

If each one of us is unique, each space can be equally unique and personalized.

The materials are carefully chosen, comfortable, safe, having in mind they are intended to be experienced by real people, with their own story.

I live in Caldas da Rainha, a small town by the sea with beautiful woods and forests around and even with a castle in a nearby village!

This is where I have my studio.

Over the years, I learned a lot from customers who enriched my work with their challenges and wonderful ideas.

I hope you join them and help me turn your space into a very special place!